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This Asshole Should Be Court-Martialed

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Okay seriously…what…the…fuck.

Time to bitch.

I am so sick and tired of these un-american, bitter, racist, arrogant fucks trying to bring up a lawsuit to get Obama pulled out of office every two months. It’s getting to the point of being ludicrous now, and the fact of the matter is…it’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt (by people who have both handled, touched, taken pictures of and verified Obama’s birth certificate with their own hands) that Obama was born in Hawaii and is a national born citizen. It doesn’t matter how much proof comes out to prove their claims wrong, they absolutely refuse to accept that Obama is president.

It has nothing to do with protecting our constitution, nothing to do with liberty…it has to do with a partial African-American finally holding the highest office in this nation, and ignorant old hicks (who are still trapped in the 1960s) being unable to let go of their racist and out of date beliefs.

To the man who appears in that video? Fuck you. If you don’t want to support our country and our president, get the fuck out of this country. To not support your commander in chief due to your own personal beliefs (and not due to actual fact) is un-american and I hope you wind up scrubbing floors in a day care center for the rest of your life you un-patroitic dick.

*Breathes* That felt good.