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I Can’t Think Of A Title :P.

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So I’ve been having a very good week and a half. Despite not being selected for a job position that I was applying for, the compliments given to me in my ‘rejection interview’ as well as the recent opportunities I’ve been given [possibly as a result of that interview] are really exciting. As this is my personal blog (and in the sake of professionalism I’d like to keep it that way) I naturally cannot say who I work for, what I do, or even go into more detail about why my week is so great…however; I will say that it feels as if things may finally be falling into place. I love my job, and to be in one place for so long (4 years!!) is a wonderful feeling.

Aside from that, I have a lot of things I need to take care of this week and over the next few months. For starters, my Jeep is going to be heading into the shop soon to figure out why the headlights keep flickering on and off and why the car will suddenly just lose power and shut off out of nowhere. At first it seemed like it was a battery issue, but buying a new battery hasn’t stopped this from happening so it’s off to the repair shop we go. Could be the car’s inner computer, or a loose wire, but whatever it is hopefully it doesn’t cost too much, because with my bills and everything else…the last thing I need is more debt.

I also need to figure out what I’m going to do for the new contest. I should definitely enter it, but I wonder how I should present myself. Hmmm…

And by the way, why is “I Kissed A Girl” in a Victoria’s Secret commercial? O_o